The Books

Mikkee the Martian

The Mikkee the Martian series of ten books follows a number of adventures of Mikkee and his 8-year-old friends from Earth, Billy and Jilly Watson. Aimed at children of all ages, the books are written in a fun, easy-to-read way. Without illustrations, the books encourage young readers to use their own imagination, as each story unfolds. Not only are the books fun to read, but are also informative, in an easy to understand manner. Of the characters, Billy is sometimes grumpy,  but a bit of a joker. The children will enjoy his cheeky approach to serious situations and laugh at some of his antics. Jilly is more serious and deals with all situations in a more direct way. She often scolds Billy for what she considers to be his silly behaviour. Mikkee guides the twins safely through all the adventures. He is often able to provide useful information about the history of a particular location, or the people who lived there. All the adventures are the product of the author, Peter Locke’s vivid imagination. Many of the characters, although well known in folklaw, may not appear as one would expect. Their differences will surprise and delight the readers. Nothing is as it seems.

The Author

Peter Locke

Peter Locke retired after 50 years as a television producer, director and studio cameraman. As a young child, Peter was always an avid storyteller. He was constantly being asked by his teachers to tell his stories to the rest of the class. This passion for storytelling continued into Peter’s adult years, which led him to a career in the entertainment industry. His vivid imagination, combined with more than half a century in show business, finally made him decide to focus on writing fiction. Now he can share his stories with the rest of the world. People have always appreciated Peter’s off-beat sense of humour and unique points of view, which have made his writing style stand out beyond the conventional norm. Peter’s first series of books is aimed at a younger audience, both boys and girls, who enjoy science fiction. The series is about Mikkee the Martian, who comes to Earth for research and relaxation. Shortly after he arrives, he meets twins, Billy and Jilly Watson, whom he befriends and then embarks upon several, exciting adventures with. The Mikkee the Martian series is funny, moving and full of surprises. The books are a must-read for any child, though older siblings and relatives might find themselves chuckling along too. They make the perfect bedtime story! Watch this space as future books in the Mikkee the Martian series are released, along with other stories from Peter Locke’s compelling penmanship.